Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Day Sale!

You may have heard already, but just in case you haven't heard, TpT is having a huge sale on Wednesday!

It's up to 28% off everything!  I am quite a newbie at all this so I only have a few products that I charge for, but if you've been eyeballing anything this is the time to snatch it up.  My products will be 20% off plus TpT is giving an additional 10% off which equals 28% off!

This is the perfect time to grab the Matter packet that that I just made. Or you could check out my Economics or Valentine's Day activity packets.

At the very least you can come grab some freebies from my store. I have a sticky note usage page for reading, a economics vocabulary page, a St. Patrick's Day songs Power Point, and a states of matter sort page.

An idea if you're in the bargain shopping mood but none of my products ring your bell is Amy Lemons' Multiplication Situations unit.  I bought it recently and have been doing activities from it.  So cute!

And if you're a TpT seller yourself, head over to Amy's blog to link up to the "tpt leapy linky" party!

On another note, blogger is about to make me lose my mind.  I had a ton of trouble getting this post to be published.  I had lots more pictures and such but had to remove them to get them to post.  Any suggestions on how to have more success with blogger?  Please?

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