Thursday, February 16, 2012

Opportunity Cost

We've been learning about economics for a little while now and recently we did a fun little opportunity cost activity.  I copy give kids a page to color.  One side has a fish and the other side has a butterfly.  I give them time to color both sides without any heads up that they will be choosing one side to keep later.  When they finish with coloring I tell them they will have to make a choice between which side to keep.  I have them choose a side to cut out which effectively ruins the other side.  We discuss opportunity cost with this - what they chose, what they gave up. When I displayed them on my classroom door I put up a little summary page that explained the purpose and pointed out the reflection pages on the clip to the left so curious people could check them out.

 This is the opportunity cost page:

Check out my TPT store for my full Economics unit with fun activities for opportunity cost as well as bartering and buying, goods and services, consumers and producers and different types of resources.  

What fun activities do you do for opportunity cost?


  1. I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.


  2. where did you get the fish an butterfly print out?