Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Easy-Update Bulletin Board

I have seen some cute bulletin boards that are made so that teachers can just switch out student work so they don't have to entirely redo their bulletin board each time.  I am all about saving time.  And when I helped my little sister set up her classroom she had a brilliant idea: burlap.  She got some cute, reasonably-priced burlap and we draped two rows of it across her bulletin board and stuck some paper clips up for student work.  I loved it.

So the logical thing for me to do was run out and purchase some burlap.  My whole classroom is about the Dots on Turquoise theme so I used that with the burlap I bought at Michael's (did you know teachers get a discount there?!).

This is my end product:

I put student names on the stars and intended to leave them up and hang their work behind their stars but the stars blocked too much of their work.  I think I'll use a clothes pin to put the stars back up right next to their work.

I'm stinkin' excited about just slipping work on and off the board this year.

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