Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's that time!

You know, I'm sad that summer is coming to an end because that means less time with family, but it also means that fall is coming and will usher in holiday season and that's my favorite kind of family time, so I guess I'll allow the change of the seasons to occur.  Heh.

So I went in for about ten minutes yesterday just to kind of start setting my desk up (I had them switch my desk out with a prettier one) and look around so I could start a to do list.  

I'm in love with this pen/pencil caddy thing I got a Mardel.  It's so cute and it rotates (bonus!).

Today I headed back to actually get substantial things done.  I have chalk boards still (I know - I think my district is stuck in the stone age in some ways) and I magnetize borders and put them around the chalk boards.  I rarely write on them so I mostly use them as magnetic bulletin boards.  I put back up my word wall and did a few other things around the room.  

One thing that I'm excited about is that I got new, cute file folders for my copies.  I think I got the idea for this type of system from The Organized Classroom Blog a while back but can't find the post.  

Basically I have a little box for hanging files and I put in a hanging file folder for each day of the week, plus one for extras for later.  

Then within each hanging file folder I put a regular file folder for ELA, Math, and Science/S.S.  This helps me keep my copies so I'm not searching forever when it comes time for me to actually use something.  

So each Friday I copy everything I'll need for the following week and sort them out into these so that I'm ready to go for the whole week.  

I also have a file in the back of the box for extra copies or for copies that I have copied further in advance than one week.  

How do you organize your copies?

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