Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Word Work is changing!

After a recent conference inspired me (plus I was sick of how word work had been going) I decided to change up the way we do word work in our classroom. 

So I created task cards and recording sheets for students to choose from and use with our weekly spelling words. For instance, they can create a word search, write the words and circle the vowels, etc. 

I'm switching it all up with my kids after break so I just got everything prepped and I. Am. Stoked!

I put each task card on the front of an envelope with the corresponding recording sheets inside, so hopefully everything runs smoothly after I introduce the choices to my second graders. 

I just put them all in a magazine style box. I might keep them at my desk and be the word work police while I launch this change. I'm kind of a control freak like that. But it works out because this class needs that. Fo sho.

I hope my kids get as excited about this as I am!

 If you are interested in checking this out, you can find it at my TPT store. Just click {HERE}. 

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