Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Working from Nouns to Paragraphs

At the beginning of the year I like build my second graders into writing paragraphs in a methodical way.  Last year I really focused on reminding kids about nouns and verbs, used that to help kids be able to recognize and write complete sentences and finally taught them how to plan and compose a paragraph. 

I had terrific results and fast when I used this method last year.  My kids could easily whip up a paragraph for the rest of the year and I even noticed an improvement in their quality of their test answers.  

So this year I'm reusing the method I used last year and I decided to whip up some cute activities for my kids to do to practice these things.

I made a flipbook to reinforce the idea of nouns being a person, place, thing or idea.  We did these today and I was really impressed with my kids' thinking on these.  I wondered if the idea part would be tricky but they took it in stride.  You can get this flipbook for free here or by clicking on the picture.

I also made this fun little tent for action and being verbs.  Kids do a pretty good job remembering that verbs are action words but the being verbs are a little trickier, so I thought this would help them.

In addition to these I made a little pocketbook for students to differentiate between nouns and verbs.

If you are interested in these activities plus tons more, including sentence and paragraph writing activities, click here to check out my Nouns, Verbs, Sentences and Paragraphs pack. 
How do you teach writing?  


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