Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fun Friday Tomorrow!

I.  Love.  Fridays. 

How 'bout you? 

I love that we usually get to wear jeans.  I love the excitement of the weekend coming up.  It's the weekly equivalent to Christmas Eve.  It's great.

I'm even more excited for tomorrow because I have a few fun things planned for tomorrow.  

In English Language Arts we are going to work on synonym rolls using the whole "synonym roll" theme that you've probably seen on Pinterest.  Finally in First offered a cute freebie I'll be using for this.  And I got some delish cinnamon rolls for them to snack on while they work! 
Then, later in the afternoon for Math we're going to do M&M math.  I got fun-sized M&Ms for my kids to add, subtract, estimate, divide and eat, of course!  
My kids are going to just love me sending their kids home all sugared up.  :)

What fun things do you do with food in your class?

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