Friday, November 2, 2012


I am within just a few dollars from a personal milestone in my TPT store!  I remember when my colleague told me that I should try to sell stuff there since I already create things and I kind of thought she was crazy, like who would actually spend money on lessons at TPT.  Well, considering Deanna Jump is a stinking millionaire, I’d say that people do spend money.  I’m no Deanna, by any means at all, but I’m still having some fun.

So in honor of my impending milestone, I’m having a flash sale!  Everything in my store will be on sale until I hit my milestone.

You can see the products I sell in my little widget to the left side of this blog, or you can click {HERE} to go directly to my store.  I do have a ton of fun freebies that you can check out as well!

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