Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Apologies and a Freebie!

So clearly I am a terrible, terrible blogger.  It has been forever since I blogged.  I suck.  To be honest, I have too many technical difficulties when I try to create a post.  But we recently gave in to our desires and bought a MacBook Pro.  Let me just say, I.  Love.  It.  I hope it eliminates some of my problems that I've been struggling with.  We'll see.  

Anyway, I was inspired to create a Number of the Day page to go along with my calendar math time.  I love calendar math.  I was skeptical at first.  Someone told me it was for the little kiddies so I thought second grade didn't need it.  Then we started doing it and I quickly saw the benefits.  I'm not sure whether I'll actually use this page that I've created but I'll definitely try it out.  I like the idea of the kids doing it during morning work time and then having them bring it with them to calendar math.  Normally we just do everything orally, together.  I'm kind of atypical, in that instead of asking one kiddo to answer a question, I usually try to let the entire class say the answer out loud.  The hope is that more kids will be engaged.  

Enough rambling.  Here is my freebie.  Please accept it as my penance for sucking as a blogger.  :)

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